This page will explain a bit more about finishes, repatination, and values, and maybe provide some guidance if you're considering having a piece repatinated.

Below are photos of three different Roycroft 10 inch "trefoil trays".

The first tray has a very nice original Old Brass finish, with only the slightest bit of wear. It sold for $690 on eBay in September 2000.

The second tray is mine. I bought it in August 2000 for only $10 because the owner didn't know what it was, and the "poor" condition led him to believe that it was of little value. You might assume that I would rush to have it refinished dark brown. But not so fast, I actually like the look of this finish! I'm not sure if it was originally this color (it's early marked), or if it started out Aurora Brown or Old Brass and was cleaned at some point and then darkened over time. Nevertheless, to me it has a lot of character, and the tone of the copper reminds me of the color of Italian polychrome pieces. Of course I'd rather the center color was a bit more even, but for $10 I'm not complaining and I'm going to leave it just the way it is.

The last tray has been refinished by Michael Adams of Aurora Studios. It was bid up to $357 on eBay in September 2000, but failed to meet its reserve. Another repatinated one just like it sold for $497 12/00 on eBay. It looks very nice, but has obviously been redone. My tray would look just like it if I had it refinshed. But all the unique character would be lost in the process. Of course, it's a matter of personal preference. You need to decide for yourself which look you prefer. I think most new collectors would opt for the even brown finish of the repatinated tray, but after studying the pictures maybe you'll see my point.